Membership Categories: This Association shall consist of five membership categories:

1.Ordinary Membership: Ordinary Members must hold a Diploma or higher in counselling or the substantial equivalent as stated by the Ministry of Education and the Jamaica Teaching Council and must be credentialed as a school counsellor by the credentialing agency of Jamaica or must be employed as counsellor educators.  

2.Retired Members:  Members who are in retirement and do not hold full time positions in school counselling are eligible for retired membership. Persons who were employed as school counsellors and counsellor educators.

3.Student Members: Individuals who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree programme that prepares them to serve as Guidance Counsellors.

4.Associate Members: Certified persons involved in Guidance and Counselling outside of the Education System.

5.Honorary Members: shall be individual members and shall constitute persons eminent in related or allied areas, whether or not such persons are involved in Guidance Counselling, and who, by their interest or ability to contribute are recommended for the approval of the Executive and General assembly.


1.Ordinary Members - any counsellor desiring to be a member shall make written application to the Association. The applicant shall become a member of the Association upon approval of the application and the payment of the required fee.
2. Associate Members - Application for membership in the association shall be the same as that for ordinary members.
3. Honorary Members - These shall be approved by the association upon recommendation made by the EXECUTIVE
4. Member Associations - Every association for admission as member shall be recommended by a minimum of three ordinary members of the JAGCE.

1. There shall be an annual subscription fee of an amount as approved and ratified by the general conference.

2. Ordinary and Retired members shall pay the stated subscription and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the Association including the right to become officers of The Guidance Association or members of the Executive.

3. Associate Members shall pay the stated subscription and shall be entitled to all the privileges of The Guidance Association, but shall not be eligible to become officers of The Guidance Association or members of the Executive.

4.   Honorary Members shall be exempted from all payments but may contribute meaningfully if they so desire to The Guidance Association and shall enjoy all the privileges of ordinary members, but shall not be eligible to become officers of The Guidance Association or members of the Executive nor have voting rights in any matter concerning The Guidance Association.

5. Member association(s) shall pay an annual subscription of 50% per member of the approved subscription for members. Such member(s) shall be entitled to all the privileges of The Guidance Association but shall not be entitled to hold any office in The Guidance Association nor have voting rights in any matter concerning the Association.

6. Student Members shall pay 50% of the approved annual subscription


1. Any member of the Association may withdraw from the association by signifying their intention in writing to the Association.

2. Any ordinary member who has ceased practicing guidance and counselling in a recognised educational institution within Jamaica forfeits their right to such membership. Should any such persons so affected wish to continue their involvement with the association may do so in another category membership for which they are suited.

3. Any ordinary member, associate member, student member, member association who shall in respect of one year, omit after a special application of the treasurer to pay the annual membership fee shall be reported by the treasurer to the Executive Committee who may give directions for the removal of the name of the defaulting member Association from the register of this association or may take such action with regard to the member or the member association as is decided upon.

4. Any member may be asked to resign or be expelled from the association for reasons of:
         a. Conduct, which tend to injure the association or to adversely affect its’ reputation.
         b. Infractions of the Constitution or the Code of Ethics of the Guidance Association.

Such a member shall be given written notice of the charge against him and shall be invited to a hearing of the charge and given the opportunity to defend himself before the dispute resolution and or constitution and code of ethics committee, duly constituted for the purpose. The member may further appeal to the Executive, but the decision of the Executive is final. A legal advisor may be co-opted to either of those committees for the purpose of the issues if this is deemed necessary.

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